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Commercial Moving Services

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In today’s world, a company can be here today but need to move somewhere else tomorrow. For these situations, Royal Squad Movers offers a full range of commercial moving services for corporate, non-profit entities, industrial companies, commercial businesses and offices.

From transporting equipment and machines to packing and unpacking, Royal Squad Movers is your ongoing resource for commercial moving.

Our commercial moving services includes

Office Moves

Royal Squad Movers offers moving services specifically designed to meet your unique commercial needs. We work with our clients to develop a plan that works for your company, and our team will be with you throughout every step of the process to make sure everything goes as specified. Royal Squad Movers is experienced in office furniture installation, furniture disposal and storage of your items.


Logistics is complicated, especially when you need to transport high-value products and deal with the security burden of certain items. Royal Squad Movers helps you deal with these challenges. Our services are designed to transport, store and pack/unpack equipment, furniture and other items to meet every need of your business.

Special Services

We can help you move your business under unusual moving circumstances. Royal Squad Movers can accommodate every moving requirement. We design custom moving service packages for our clients who are in complex relocations or facing unique circumstances. Reach out to Royal Squad Movers and we will address all of your specific needs.

Storage with Packing/Unpacking

Royal Squad Movers maintains warehouses that can be customized to your unique needs to provide you with product visibility. Whether you are changing equipment, closing or opening a facility, or installing new equipment, we can store, package and deliver your items to any specific location.

How can we help you?

Our commercial moving services are completely customized to fit any requirement. Our team will learn your moving needs, will create a plan and will guide you in every step before and during the move.

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