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Moving the RIGHT way

Moving involves a lot of many steps that can leave, leaving many of you confused and stressed. At Royal Squad Movers, we believe that planning ahead is the easiest way to make moving your move a piece of cake. After working many years in the moving industry for years, experience, we have found simple tips to help you complete your move. Each step is tested and proven to be effective.

Organization is the cornerstone of an easy move. We provide our clients with containers and boxes to keep their items sorted and packed. Need help with your move or to find storage space? Contact us now to make the most of your move!

Create a schedule

Planning ahead is key. We schedule everything well in advance to leave enough time for preparation.

Keep cool

when packing try not to get to stressed. Packing is a lot of work and can cause an enormous amount of stress. Create a packing list for every space and work with that list. If it is still to stressful for you, stop worrying. Get professional packers to do it for you.

Purge Your Items

When you are sorting through all your belongings, you will probably see that a lot can be donated or chucked. You should pare down your items so your move will be much easier and your new home won’t be cluttered.

Keep Your Movers Informed Of Any Special Items

Loading light boxes is easy, but if you have heavy stuff, it is important to tell your movers about it. Inform your moving company about all special items you have prior to booking. These details help us provide you with proper equipment. It includes informing the moving company about access restrictions, overweight items and items of extraordinary value.

Notify Your Parents and Friends In Advance

If you need help of your family or friends, give them enough time to prepare. Tell them when you move and what they should bring so everyone knows what to expect.

Change Your Address in Advance

Change your address at least two weeks in advance so all your bills and packages arrive on time.

Stop Buying Groceries A Week Before Moving Day

Groceries you buy the day before you’re scheduled to move will probably be thrown away. Get creative cooking meals with the ingredients you have. You can invite friends to help you finish your food.

Get Moving Supplies

Packing supplies includes packing tape, packing paper, broom, tape, screws, etc. Make a list of everything you need.Check what you are missing then go to the local hardware store and buy all missing things. You can also contact us and get high quality packing material.

Use Soft Items For Padding

You don’t need to get lots of packing material because you can simply use your soft items to safely pack other items. Socks, towels, sheets and other things make amazing free packing material.

Keep Things Together

When packing boxes, keep light bulbs with lamps, bookends with books and cords with appliances. If an item has loose parts, attach it to the item with a tape, so you will keep shelf brackets with bookcases and bolts with a wall unit.

Keep Your Documents With You

The important documents include your birth certificate, mover estimates, utility company numbers, bank records, phone lists and current bills. Keep them all with you.

Label ALL boxes

Label the boxes so you know what is inside, and where it goes in. This will make unpacking easy and simple. Many movers start labeling their boxes and stop labeling the last boxes remaining thinking they will remember whats inside. They don’t! Always label all boxes.

Take pictures of electronics before you unplug

Many people end up opening all the boxes on the moving day to get to their coffee maker or pajamas. Prepare a first-night box with necessities and anything else that you may need right away.

Pack with high quality packing materials

Don’t pack using an old tape or low quality boxes. Pack with high quality boxes to protect your belongings. Use customized boxes such as dish pack boxes for you dishes and wardrobe boxes for your clothes. These kind of boxes will not only protect your items better, they will also save you a lot of time when you unpack at your new home or business. check our boxes & supplies page for more details.

Prepare a first-night box

Before you disconnect your electronics, take pictures of the cords so that you’ll know where they everything goes. This will save you a lot of time and headaches when you need to set them up.

Put Heavier Items On the Bottoms Of Containers

Lighter items should always be on the top of containers and boxes. And when you’re loading the truck, heavier boxes should be packed first.

Check For Anything You Have Forgotten

Check the attic, all closets, the garage, the crawl space and the drawers. If you’re leaving some of your items behind, make sure you haven’t forgotten something you really need.

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